About Us

Our Story

This venture didn’t start five or six years ago with the Richmond restaurant boom -- it started in 1988, when what is now The Boathouse at Sunday Park was Sunday’s Restaurant. Now a Boathouse staple, we created the incomparable crab cake recipe back then and have been perfecting it over decades. Throughout the years, both the atmosphere and the menu have remained  neighborhood favorites. Although the name has changed and our family of restaurants has grown, our purpose has always been to welcome each guest with warmth and to provide the finest culinary dining experience that Richmond has to offer.

An unknowing trend-setter, our owner, Kevin Healy, created The Boathouse restaurants and event spaces to wed the town’s impeccable waterfront views with authentic, locally-sourced cuisine.  From the classically Southern shrimp and grits featuring sausage from Surry, VA to pizza made with authentic Italian recipe dough, the menu is distinctive and, most importantly, delicious. Our chefs’ dedication to quality has also allowed our team to branch out and experiment with unique, refined dining experiences

The Boathouse is classic in its commitment to exceptional service but current in its mission to serve only the purest, freshest ingredients. It is truly one of the best spots to check out the Richmond restaurant scene, to hold a dream wedding, or simply to hang out with your closest friends.

Please also join us at Casa del Barco, our Mexican restaurant with locations in downtown Richmond and Short Pump; and Island Shrimp Co at Rocketts Landing. Different menus, same mission.